Home, Projects, and Community

  1. The Navigation Menu lets you focus on your projects, community projects, templates, and access your account information.
  2. The Account Info section shows your current subscription status and the associated limits on imports, exports, projects, and simulations.
  3. My Projects is where your authored projects are organized. Click the + NEW PROJECT button to start a new project. Your projects that are public will have a small icon at the top-left of the project card. Right-clicking on your project gives you the option to Rename, Unshare, Duplicate, or Delete a project.
  4. Community shows a collection of all public projects created with Metafold. To add a project to this page, simply set your project to public.
  5. Templates are ways to speed up your workflow by starting with prebuilt projects that you just need to add your own assets to.
  6. The Tutorials section hosts useful content showing you how to build up specific projects.
  7. Each of the sections on the home screen have a button to “View All” where you can see the full list of your projects or community projects. Navigating to these focused pages can also ben done through the Navigation Menu.
  8. Clicking on your User Icon presents you with a menu to visit your Account Page, switch themes to Light or Dark modes, and log out.

Account Page

The account page shows your current account status and is where your API access token is stored. Make sure to keep your access token secret. To learn more about how you can use the Metafold API, check out our Developer Docs.